Intellectual Property Litigators

Hagens Berman’s Intellectual Property Group is dedicated to representing plaintiffs in intellectual property cases

In a legal arena known for its glacial pace, withering costs and Byzantine processes, Hagens Berman brings a new approach to intellectual property law.

Exclusively  representing plaintiffs seeking representation in cases involving patent infringement, trademark and copyright issues, and the misappropriation of trade secrets, Hagens Berman’s Intellectual Property Group Practice was founded on the core principles that make Hagens Berman’s other practice areas among the most successful in the country – tenacious, senior-level representation using innovative litigation strategies, combined with an ability to design fee arrangements that reward success.

By limiting our work to representing plaintiffs exclusively, Hagens Berman has advantages not offered by most other IP firms.

Rapid, Streamlined Decision-Making: Since we represent only plaintiffs, we rarely have conflict-of-interest issues, which often slow other IP firms. We are more nimble and offer a more streamlined process, moving quickly to protect the rights of IP holders with a smart and aggressive litigation strategy.

Fees Arrangements Rewarding Success: Our plaintiff-focused practice allows us to accept cases using results-oriented fee agreements, a rarity in IP litigation, allowing plaintiffs the ability to bring cases they could not afford to bring with traditional IP firms. These arrangements also incentivize us to maximize recoveries, including taking cases through trial.

Talented Trial Lawyers: Clients rely on our deep and talented pool of litigators, including a number of the most accomplished trial attorneys in the U.S. The size and experience of our litigation team has provided us with expertise in a variety of venues, including all of the district courts that handle high volumes of patent litigation.

Our intellectual property litigators are known for their courtroom skills, their ability to analyze the key issues in a case and develop a novel solution for resolving or winning it, and their depth of experience in industries such as life sciences and information technology.

If you are an intellectual property holder with a potential infringement claim, call us or email . We will provide a free consultation to discuss your case.

Our Patent Litigation

Inventors hold patents to prevent others from making, using, selling or otherwise profiting from an innovation. Our patent practice acts to hold infringers accountable and maximize recoveries in the form of out-of-court settlements, licenses, or, if necessary, judgments in court.

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