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Trademark Litigation

Trademarks include the name of a company or product, a symbol, or some other unique identifying branding element. Extraordinary effort and resources go into establishing a business identity in the marketplace and trademarks represent the key elements that work to distinguish a brand from its competitors.

Trademarks also enable a business to capitalize on the goodwill established with consumers through a track record of providing excellent goods and services. When larger competitors infringe on trademarks, they steal profits that otherwise would have gone to the trademark owner.

Hagens Berman works to help companies recover funds lost due to trademark infringement. Our litigation team is experienced and knowledgeable about these claims and pursues aggressive litigation strategies to win injunctions to prevent continued infringement and damages.

We offer results-based fee arrangements that reward success by ensuring that we are only paid if we bring results for our clients.

If you believe you may have a trademark claim, contact us for a consultation by emailing , or give us a call. Our firm’s narrow focus on prosecution of IP infringement cases enables us to provide a more streamlined decision process than most other IP firms.